Mah Jongg Fun Time Trivia Quiz

Mah Jongg Tiles

Many thanks to our member Alan who submitted these Trivia questions and gave us permission for their use.

  • When did Mah Jongg start in the USA?
    • 1920
    • 1929
    • 1950
  • How many members are in the National Mah Jongg League?
    • 180,000
    • 350,000
    • 1,450,000
  • If you refer to Mah Jongg with one word, which is correct?
    • Maj
    • Mahj
    • Maajh
  • Name 6 charities supported by the National Mah Jongg League?

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  • When may you declare yourself “dead”?
    • When you know that the hand you were attempting to make is impossible
    • Only after you verify that given the exposure(s) and tiles played there is no hand that is “makeable”
    • Only when challenged and verified that no hand is “makeable”.
  • How do you play 2 handed Mah Jongg?
    • Same as 4 handed but incoming passed and drawn tiles for the dummy positions are fed to the left side of the rack while outgoing tiles are taken from the right
    • No dummy hands are dealt and no Charleston played
    • Same as 4 handed but Charleston is not played.
  • Player incorrectly names a tile that is called for Mah Jongg. What happens?
    • The tile is replaced and play continues as if no call were made
    • Discarder pays declarer 4 times the value of the hand and the game ends
    • Discarder pays declarer double of the hands value while others pay the hands value and the hand ends.
  • A tile is called and that player then exchanges for a joker and then declares Mah Jongg. Who pays double?
    • Everyone
    • The last discarder
    • Player whose rack provided the joker.
  • A player challenges a hand. The Challenged says “I am not dead” and continues to play. It turns out to be a wall game and the Challenger was correct – the hand was dead. What happens?
    • The Challenged pays everyone at the table the amount associated with the hand said to be being played
    • The Challenged pays the Challenger $.25
    • The Challenged must be the next host
  • What is “Chow” in Mah Jongg?
    • Nosh served when playing
    • Set of 3 consecutive tiles of the same suit
    • A Charleston pass that includes a joker
  • Who wrote the first set of rules for American style Mah Jongg?
    • Ruth Unger
    • Joseph Babcock
    • Marilyn Starr
    • Dorthy Meyerson
  • How many members started the National Mah Jongg League?
    • 18
    • 36
    • 72
  • A player has 3 flowers and a Joker exposed (Kong of flowers). Another player exchanges for the Joker but errors by replacing the Joker with a 1 Bam. Several turns later a player discovers the error. Which if any players are “dead”?
    • None
    • Player that got the Joker
    • Player with the exposure
    • Both
  • If a player calls for a tile and does not touch it but exposes the tiles to go with it, is it okay to say “never mind” and put the tiles back in the rack?
  • If you call for a tile and put up a joker, the called tile and two tiles from your rack to make a kong, may you change your mind and put one of the tiles back in your rack?
  • Can an exchange for an exposed joker be made before you pick your 14th tile?
  • When playing a concealed hand, can you exchange a joker?
    • No
    • Yes
    • Yes, if it is for Mah Jongg.
  • A player announces a discard but has not put it on the table. Can the player change their mind?
    • Yes
    • No
    • As long as no one has called it or racked a tile.
  • Must one call or pick before an exchange?


Answers to quiz:

  1. 1920
  2. 350,000
  3. Maajh
  4. (these are just a few)
Alzheimer’s Association
American Cancer Society
American Diabetes Association
American Heart association
American Red Cross
Brandeis University
City of Hope
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Deborah Hospital
Epilepsy Foundation
Habitat For Humanity
Hackensack University Medical Center
Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital
Make A Wish Foundation
Meals on Wheels
Muscular Dystrophy Association
ORT America
Ronald McDonald House
Salvation Army
St. Judes Children’s Hospital
Susan G. Komen Foundation
United Way
  1. Only when challenged and verified that no hand is “makeable”
  2. No dummy hands are dealt and no Charleston played.
  3. Miscaller pays declarer 4 times the value of the hand and the game ends.
  4. Everyone (It is considered self-picked.)
  5. Challengee pays the Challenger .25
  6. Set of 3 tiles
  7. Joseph Babcock
  8. 36
  9. The Player with the exposure is “dead”.
  10. NO Exposure is a commitment to make the call and expose.
  11. YES Up until you have discarded.
  12. NO (You must pick your 14th tile first or call for an exposure.
  13. Yes
  14. No
  15. Yes