Mahjong Terminology & FAQ

What is MahjonggMentor.com?

How do I get started playing mahjong online?

What are the requirements for me to play?

How will my personal details be used?

Are players allowed to have more than one account?

Can the same household have more than one account on the same computer? Can a friend or relative play from the same computer?

How do I make a deposit so that I can play for real money?

How do I download the mahjong software to begin playing?

Do I need to visit the mahjong website each time I want to play?

Where can I learn to play mahjong?

What variations of mahjong are available for me to play?

Are there rules for chatting in the chat rooms?

What types of games are found on the mahjong software?

Can I play a side game while I am participating in a tournament?