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MahJongg beginners always ask me whether they should play with more experienced players. And I respond with the Nike slogan “Just do it “.

If you play with more experienced players, it will teach you interesting game strategies, increase enjoyment, expand your social relationships and most importantly build your self confidence.

I was invited to play with 3 seasoned players, who have been playing for over 25 years. Quite frankly, I was nervous about playing and was tempted to say no and come up with some lame excuse.

Then, I recognized what my emotional reaction to the MahJongg
invitation was, the fear of looking stupid. Past experiences in my career and in social situations have taught me to push past this particular fear and move forward.

So I bravely said to myself, “Just do it” and I am glad I did play with these seasoned players. First of all, I learned that I knew more about Mah Jongg than I thought I did. I was able to hold my own and actually did win a few games. Second, the experience reminded me again to move forward and take that step past my fear.

So I end this blog with one of my favorite motivating slogans, “Just do it”. Yes, play with more experienced players! The reward will be self confidence in playing Mah Jongg, as well as other pursuits.

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