Animals of the Chinese Zodiac
This month …Year of The Rat
This month, we continue our review of the Chinese Zodiac with exploration of the Rat.  2020 will be the Year of the Rat.
The Rat is the first in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac. The Years of the Rat include 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, and next year, 2020.The Rat is considered to have spirit, wit, alertness, delicacy, flexibility and vitality.Lucky Numbers: 2 and 3Lucky Colors: Gold, Blue, and GreenLucky Flowers: Lily, African Violet, and Lily of the ValleyLucky Directions: Southeast and NortheastUnlucky Numbers: 5 and 9Unlucky Colors: Yellow and BrownUnlucky Direction: West People born in the Year of the Rat are considered instinctive and great in business. They always act properly to avoid catastrophe. They are also sophisticated and very adaptable, and therefore very popular socially. Unfortunately, they can  sometimes be timid, unstable, stubborn, picky, and lack persistence.
Best Love Matches: Ox, Dragon, and MonkeyWorst Love Matches: Horse, and Rooster
 Best Jobs: Artist, author, doctor, and teacherBest Working Partners: Ox, Monkey, and DragonBest Age to Start a Business: 35 – 45Best Career Fields: Service Industry, Finance, and Economics

In addition, in Chinese element theory, each zodiac sign is associated with one of the five elements: Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth.

Chinese theory says that an individual’s characteristics are decided by the birth year zodiac animal sign and one of five elements. Therefore, each specific zodiac/element year occurs once in a 60 year cycle.

Wood Rat (1924 and 1984) is independent, but conforming to traditional ideasFire Rat (1936 and 1996) is clever and capable, but lacks disciplineEarth Rat (1948 and 2008) is sober and content, with strong adaptabilityMetal Rat (1960 and 2020) is sensitive with a strong sense of self-awareness, and persuasiveWater Rat (1912 and 1972) is intelligent, but conservative in practice