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I am frequently asked what hand I was playing once a game is over. Maybe I was showing an exposure or maybe I appeared to have been playing a closed hand. It doesn’t matter sometimes people are curious or could there be more to the question? Or is there more to my answer of not revealing my choice of hands?

I try to be a very defensive player.  I am one of those people who will break up my hand early if I draw a tile that I think the other player may need for Mah Jongg. You can never win a game if you throw the winning tile to someone else. I feel it is important to watch the tiles and when an exposure is made try to figure out the hand played as soon as you can. The card is broken into sections certainly for a reason and works for trying to play hand and also for playing defense.

Here is an easy scenario this year – if someone calls and exposes four Norths you only have three possible hands that they could be playing. Check the table. What else has been thrown. What else has this person thrown? If you think they themselves have thrown an East or a West well that could certainly eliminate one hand or are there already 4 Easts on the table then that eliminates another hand but they may have jokers.

When you play with the same people each week you also get a sense which hands become favorites.  I used to play with a woman who loved the winds and dragons.That year those hands were plentiful and you learned not to pass her those tiles during the Charleston because she always kept them and then always made a hand. She was lucky that way and the winds and dragons were lucky for her. Some people never play the singles and pairs hands because they view them as too challenging. Some people tend to play the top hand in a section like the consecutive numbers or the 13579. You can learn people’s tendencies and that can become a strength for you and their weakness.

So it is not often that I reveal what hand I am playing. It would give away what hands I try to make and it would reveal how I make up a hand. So I keep it to myself especially when I am playing with someone new. When you play in a regular group they will figure out your favorite hands sooner than later especially if you keep winning! Then watch out how the tiles will change as they come your way or not!

As an aside, last night I started out with this mess of a hand. Stay tuned and become a member of MahJonggMentor.com to see how the tiles progressed and whether or not it was a profitable one.

3 pairs unrelated!

3 pairs unrelated!

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