Thoughts After a Monday Night Mah Jongg Game

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So it has been awhile since I last played with these ladies. You know how it is in the summer — vacations and travel and family seem to upset your routine. Nonetheless I have been playing with another group and doing quite poorly really. It has been frustrating to have great hands and then lose because someone else is luckier at the table. So I had no expectations Monday night. I was happy to see my friends.

I guess I was also not the only one who has been having a bit of bad luck as two of the ladies who play regularly together in another game both came in hoping for a change of luck. Ah but luck did not seem to fall their way as in one hand as I discarded the 8 Bam my friend to the left thanked me for making her hand go dead. She was playing a hand from the Singles and Pairs section of the card since she also had no Jokers to help her out.  I then went on to win that hand. At another point during the evening I had five Jokers in my hand. Talk about flexibility with a hand. Yes I won that one too. Another time my friend on the left exposed the 9 Bams and then the 5 Bams. Her body language seemed to indicate she was sitting in a good position. Ah but a look at my hand and I knew she was doomed. I had three 3 Bams in my hand which I was using so I did not hesitate to discard a 7 Bam to go on call. My friend knew I knew what she needed and was once again frustrated with her bad luck and my good fortune.

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My friend to my right sat like this once the Charleston was completed until the end when someone declared Mah Jongg. Talk about frustration. All she needed was an 8 dot to complete this Singles and Pairs hand. It never came out and she never drew a joker or tiles to change it either. It just wasn’t meant to be!


Sometimes Mah Jongg is a roller coaster of wins and good hands and losses and hands that never seem to come together. But you just have to keep on playing and hope that the next time you might have a bit more luck or the hope that the tiles fall your way! Oh by the way, we do play for money and last night I went home with over $6! A good night for sure!


Some Additional Comments:

Be very careful playing the hand under the 369 section – any 2 suits, like pungs 3, 6 or 9. As it happened last night you get so excited that you forget that the pungs after your 333 66 999 must be the SAME suit so you will need at least 2 jokers.

Also just want to suggest that when you can make your exposed hand joker less by all means go for it! You will get paid double. Last night one friend had two exposures up and we could tell which hand she was playing. The jokers were redeemed in turn and she drew a tile that she had a pung of in her hands using another joker. But instead of tossing the joker she tossed the number tile thinking it might throw us off. If you are waiting on a pair toss the joker and get paid double when you win! It is a better strategy.


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