3 Things I learned at my First Tournament Experience

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3 Things I never knew about MJ before my First Tournament Experience

I love the ladies I play with on a regular basis.  They are fun and social and we enjoy playing each and every week for hours.  However, one thing I have learned about going to a tournament is that you learn so much more as you meet others from all over the country and hear about how they play, and watch how they play.  Here’s some of the things I learned just my first Tournament that I thought might be of help to you when you attend your first….

By playing in a tournament, you “play up”.  In other words, you are playing with many skilled players and just by playing with a better player, you play better.  Also, there are so many House rules people have adopted and love to share too.   It’s  fun to hear about them and so here’s a few I just picked up.  And finally, there are many Tournament rules that make for a more restrictive game, so those are important too.

Tournament rules I learned:

  1. Don’t touch anyone else’s tiles.
  2. We do not “deal” the tiles at a tourney.  Everyone picks their own.
  3.  Ask for a joker ‘exchange’ from the player who has it on their rack; let them hand it to you.  You may ask why?

If the person exchanging the tile accidently puts down a wrong tile on your rack and takes the joker, you may not even notice.. Then later in the game, you call MJ and it’s wrong… guess what?  YOUR dead!

Here’s one that’s not really a rule; just a good idea:

Don’t call attention to a person that discards a tile and could have used it to replace a joker.  It may be that they meant to NOT replace the tile, on purpose.  You could be bringing attention to their hand or giving information to the other players that they may not have wanted to be shared.

And, finally:
When you don’t have “pushers”, move the first two tiles onto the last wall before moving out your wall and you won’t have to worry about the first two tiles – simple one but fun to know.
Anyone have any others that they have heard and would like to share?

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