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The World – My Mah Jongg Adventure

(Please note Leah is currently at sea but is sending her blogs in order to share the experience. – frs)

leahworldIt’s October 9, 2015, and I am embarking on a new experience.  I will be teaching Mah Jongg,

But I will be teaching upon The World.  The World is a residence at sea.  That is correct, a residence,

Not a cruise ship.  This is a vessel where people live; some part time, some full time.  Many spend months aboard the ship at a time travelling around the world.  For many it is their second or third home.  In any case, they called me looking for a teacher, and here I am.

Before I boarded the ship, I had very few details.  Only where to pick up the boat and where to get my return flight home.  I didn’t know how many students I would have or whether they knew how to play or not.

Now that we have set sail, the fun begins.  Checking out the equipment they were to provide (according to my instruction)

The sets.  One Chinese set and 5 boxes.  I immediately explain the Chinese set will not help with American Mj, though it is lovely.  I start by opening the next box, the tiles are everywhere.  Then I see a baggy with writing.  A three dot and 5 bam are missing.  I am beginning to wonder, if I will be in trouble.

Moving on to the third…upon opening the tiles are loose and falling out of the case.  I check out the tiles by number and suit.  Even though,  I am missing a couple, they are the same as the previous box, so I take from one and put into the other to complete a set.  I open the last two.  They are still in the original packaging, so I am good to go.

The Cards.  They have purchased 2015 cards, but not all from the National Mah Jongg League.  Though other cards are fine, it is much better to teach with one type at a time.  Luckily,  I brought some of my own….just in case.

Tomorrow I begin at 11:00.  Don’t know who or how many will come.  But as long as I have the tools, I am good to go.

I will try to chronicle as my adventure continues.


Until then…

May the Jokers be with you,


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  1. clburstin  October 11, 2015

    Best of luck Leah. So jealous!!!

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