The World-Part 6

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My Mah Jongg Adventure

Day 8

(Please note Leah is currently at sea but is sending her blogs in order to share the experience. – frs)

It was an interesting day at Mah Jongg aboard The World today.  The residents come and go at will, so we had some new participants at Beginners today that boarded the ship in Charleston.

tiles3Of course, those having come to the lessons from day 1 are eager to proceed.  Next to impossible for those who know nothing and want to catch up.  So instead of reviewing from our last lesson, we start at the very beginning and try to move forward as best as possible.  Review can never hurt reviewing the concepts of building hands and terminology with joker usage and how to call for tiles.  Our new material was simple in concept with racking tiles and Exposed and Concealed hands. This was the morning session.  So with playing being the most important aspect, I invited those doing well to come to the afternoon session of Supervised Play/Strategy.

We started the Strategy session talking about The Charleston and a few tips to play offensively and defensively.  From there we played and hopefully put some of the lessons to good use.

Tomorrow is my last day on The World.  One last lesson for the beginners and those more experienced. The goal is to have the beginners strong enough to play with those already knowing the game on board.


Day 9

Today was my last day of lessons on board The World.  Tomorrow we dock in The Bahamas and I will be heading home to a much colder Philadelphia.  I have enjoyed my stay and my hosts were most gracious.  I feel that I have achieved my goal, the students who came to all the lessons have done wonderfully and they are truly hooked on Maj.  Today we finished up the beginners with learning how to play with three.  They learned the National Mah Jongg League way, skipping The Charleston and just starting with The Play plus a table rules version with a “dummy” hand.  I have had a couple students who have attended both sessions the last two days and after 4 hours of lessons and playing today, they are going to play on their own this evening.

If I am invited back to The World, I will not hesitate to accept their invitation.

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