The World-Part 3

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My Mah Jongg Adventure Continues

Day 4

(Please note Leah is currently at sea but is sending her blogs in order to share the experience. – frs)

tiles4Today was our first day of two sessions. I had initially thought there would be no distractions.  There are actually many.

The World provides lectures and activities of interest.  Also, I believe many residents conduct business while on board.   Tomorrow we dock in Charleston, South Carolina, so today there were lectures about this city and port that my students were in conflict with. Also a Sudoku expert had quite the crowd while my class met.  During the morning session, the majority of my students floated in and out.  It was a little hard to keep the momentum, teaching the broad strokes of the game.

I was, however, invited to have lunch with one of my students.  It was quite interesting.  He has been a resident for 10+ years.  The more residents I speak with the more interesting I find it.  My belief is that most people do not use this as their primary residence. It is quite the vacation home. Many residents have guests visit, grandchildren, friends, etc.  There are rental estate rooms if needed.  Beautiful surroundings, and delicious food.  Really delicious food and spectacular presentation.  This is not like a cruise ship where there are buffets.  Everything is made to order.

This afternoon we were down to three students, but those three made great strides as we refined The Charleston.  Apparently it is fairly standard with these special classes that if you have two that attend and they are happy, it is a positive outcome.

We will be in Charleston for three days so no Maj classes until we are out to sea again.

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