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Ahuva Ellner 9:19am Mar 2

Leah, you know how much I love I cannot tell you how much it helped me when I was first starting out. The videos are truly amazing and your teaching style is perfect and fun! I just want to give back what I feel was a gift given to me. I recommend your site to ALL my students and most of them do sign up and they LOVE the site! It’s well worth the very small and reasonable investment. Thanks for all your efforts and for your friendship. MAH JONGG ROCKS!!!
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Ahuva Ellner
Ahuva Ellner 8:05pm Mar 1
Our featured member of the month is Leah Feigenbaum.
I had the pleasure of talking to Leah (we have still not met in person) after I joined while investigating and learning all I could about my new found love Mah Jongg.
Here is the interview I had with her today:
AE: What is your title?
LF: Partner,
AE: Could you tell us a little bit about what is exactly?
LF: is a video-based teaching website for the beginner as well as the intermediate/advanced Mah Jongg player, with worldwide membership.
AE: What led to the creation of
LF: We felt a need for some instruction on line that was available to anyone who wanted to learn or enrich their knowledge, but not in the usual way.
AE: What sets apart from any other site?
LF: The video and interactive learning sets us apart.
AE: Can you give us an example of what you mean by that?
LF: Yes, we have interactive exercises on our videos. You can watch “live play” in action. With over 125 videos you can test your knowledge with interactive exercises, watch live play with ongoing commentary, and enhance your knowledge with general as well as card specific strategy.
AE: What else do you offer?
LF: In addition to an annual membership, we offer a free newsletter with monthly “classroom corner” videos available to anyone who signs up.
Here are a few more interesting tidbits about LEAH:
Leah has been playing Mah Jongg since childhood, over 50 years!
She teaches in the Philadelphia tristate area as well as on the High Seas!
Leah has taught over 800 students and gets a thrill out of introducing new people to the game as well as developing new friendships.
Leah is married and has one grown son.
She has had several careers in business and social services, but clearly her passion for Mah Jongg both playing and teaching is her favorite.
You can contact Leah at [email protected] as well as going directly to the website at:

I hope you enjoy Mahjonggmentor as much as I do!

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  1. Naomi1947  February 4, 2019

    A great interview. Tu

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