Is it a Small, Small World? Or is it a Big, Big World?

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One of Leah’s 2017 Card Review Classes


It continues to amaze me the power of the internet and how it brings mah jongg people together.  You have Facebook groups, mah jongg games on line, and of course, the all powerful on-line educational or teaching resources, such as MahJonggMentor.  Through the technology of today, we have members all over the world, which still continues to boggle my mind.  People don’t realize that we are outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; not that it really matters to them.  We, mah jongg enthusiasts, just want access to our mah jongg fix whenever and wherever we want it.  Recently, I have been astonished (several times) from strangers to hear my  voice, then give me a funny look  then approach and begin talking to me.  “Is it you, Leah, The Mah Jongg Mentor?” Then comes the big hug!!!!


“You taught me how to play, on-line!  I love the videos! Now I am playing with all these great people I never knew before.  Thank you so much!”

Yes, it’s me! They know my voice.  I am blown away!

They do not realize, I have been teaching in their neighborhood.  For ten years.  I am so gratified that they are as happy with the results of MahJonggMentor as my students in class are with live lessons.  So I am here to say thank you for the compliment and positive affirmation!




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