Remember to enjoy your Mah Jongg game

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I haven’t played Mah Jongg for awhile due to other work commitments. I really missed playing and was looking forward to my weekly game. I played with my friends this week and remembered why I love the game…its fun and the social camaraderie is wonderful.

It’s important to remember to have fun playing Mah Jongg. It’s not how often you win or make money, if you bet. It’s the fun involved in playing the game. Playing Mah Jongg allows you “to stay in the moment” and concentrate only on one thing, developing a hand for Mah Jongg. Playing the game gets you away from multitasking and chasing all of life’s demands.

The social camaraderie when playing Mah Jongg is wonderful. The game connects you to people on all different levels. There are discussions about the latest news and pop culture. When you play Mah Jongg with people for awhile you learn “what makes them tick”. You learn about their family, friends, passions and develop a deeper social connection.

So, I suggest that you remember to enjoy your Mah Jongg game. Remember “to stay in the moment”, concentrate on your Mah Jongg hand and enjoy the social conversations.

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