Reflections at the Holidays

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Tonight we celebrate the last night of Chanukah. Christmas Eve is tomorrow night. It is the time of year with lots of festivities and celebrations. It is a time of family gatherings and for some a time of traveling for vacation or a temporary move to someplace warm. There are gifts exchanged, lots of cookies made and decorations of all sorts cover our walls and doors.

The holidays remind me of all that I am fortunate to have. Family, good friends, my work, my health all make me appreciative. It is during these last days of 2014 many of us spend time reflecting on our year and it has truly been quite a year for us at

We launched this website in August and we have been so thankful for the support we have received. We have a tremendous number of members in just a few short months. Our newsletter goes out to even a greater number. We are sharing our passion and love of the game of Mah Jongg just as we hoped. We are joining with other websites and other individuals in promoting the fun of the game. We are joined in encouraging the camaraderie, the challenge of the game and the good it brings to each of us individually.

Mah Jongg bridges generations and all types of people. All over the world the game is played in some shape or form. will carry on and to grow and expand with new ideas and new video lessons. We thank you for your ongoing support and look forward to continuing to be a prime resource for everyone who loves Mah Jongg.

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