Please Love Your Mah Jongg Set

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We are members of a “throw away” society. If we buy something and it breaks, or we don’t like it, we often discard it and replace it or buy something better. Many products are manufactured inexpensively with expectations that consumers will do just that.


But not Mah Jongg sets. Mah Jongg sets, and tiles in particular, are made to last. Modern tiles are often made of synthetic materials that resemble the older sets made of ivory or Bakelite. There are sold by various vendors on numerous websites. Tiles, racks, pushers, and a carrying case or bag can be sold as a set, or separately. Most Mah Jongg players own a set, and while it’s a good investment, it’s not necessary to own a set to enjoy the game. Some players own more than one set- often an older set, perhaps belonging to a relative, and a new set.


Tiles can be purchased in various shades of white, yellow, or cream; black tiles are also available. Specialty tiles can be purchased, with glittery backs of purple or pink. Tiles can be custom made with initials, names, or religious motifs. There are full-size tiles, travel-size tiles, and tiles with larger than usual graphics. Racks may be made of wood or a synthetic material.


After spending some time comparing sets I was considering buying, I purchased one from a well-known website and was very pleased with the entire set. With all the choices available, and since Mah Jongg sets can last for decades, do some research before making your purchase. Be certain you are very happy with the set you choose.  After all, this may be the only Mah Jongg set you ever need, or ever buy. So please love the set you buy!

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  1. pjj4653er  February 24, 2015


    Thanks for your recent post re: Mahjongg Sets.

    I own a set of black tiles that was actually passed on to me from my mentor to use as practice.
    I use them often for that purpose and it helps we when putting hands together.

  2. Lucky8  February 26, 2015

    Just a warning – buying sets can be addictive! I have only been playing western Mah Jongg for 3 months and I already own 2western sets and my original Chinese set! There are so many types and they are all so pretty!

  3. Sue  February 27, 2015

    Boy Lucky8, I know what you mean! I love going to tournaments where East brings her own set, so I can see so many different ones available so I don’t go out and buy another one. I already have 3 and my mom has 2, but I’d still love to get another! Sue

  4. Cilla  May 11, 2015

    What/Who’s is the set you often play with in the videos, that has dark wooden (I think) racks with gold dice-area posts on the – well, dice-holding end? – ? I think its beautiful and would love to know where to find it, if its owner wouldn’t mind?
    Thanks so much,
    Celli Tyler
    New Member

  5. Sue  May 12, 2015

    Hi Celli,
    If it’s mine, which has the mahogany racks and gold (I think it’s brass actually) I bought that at Yellow Mountain’s site :
    Let them know we sent you! If you check on our site on the resource page, you will also find lovely sets at Where the Winds Blow, MahjonggMaven, and even at that has beautiful customized sets but they are expensive. Good luck shopping!
    Leah also has a set with mahogany racks, so if she has other tips for you, she’ll send you a comment as well.

  6. Leah  May 12, 2015

    Many of the videos with a blue cloth background use my tiles(basic white).
    You can get these at any of the websites Sue mentioned. Sometimes,I augment with
    other sets that are older, Bakelite. These you would be more apt to find on Ebay,etc.

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