Playing Mah Jongg in March

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marchmadnessIt is now the middle of March and if you follow the blogs and the Face Book pages there is indeed an excitement and an anticipation of the release of the new card.  I guess it is our own version of March Madness! The March newsletter from featured an article about anticipating the new card and some speculation on the what hands might or might not be included. Join us or at least be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletters.

So many  people have been talking about trying to finish up the 2015 card.  Each year when the new card comes out many players keep track of the hands they win by placing a dot or a check or something to mark the hand on their card. Their goal of course is to make every hand at least once. Many players having completed that goal then either move onto another card and try to do the same or they just play on. Some players this time of year perhaps try to make hands they have stayed away from.  Sometimes during the year their goal is to win and to win quickly and some players go for the hands that they know and the ones that come easily.  But now their game may need a bit of a challenge so they opt for a hand out of their comfort zone.

For me this has backfired so far.  I am in a slump, going home each week with less quarters in my little purse than I started with.  I have been trying to go for hands that I normally would pass on.  I am not letting the tiles talk to me and show me which way to go. All too often these past few weeks, I have been nowhere close to being on call and have basically played defensively the entire game. Meanwhile one of our weekly players has been daring and lucky at the same time. Quint hands have not been a problem for her.  Or she has been tossing jokers because she can!  She is riding the wave of good hands and has the momentum.

As for me, I am going back to the comfort zone and letting the tiles show me what hand to play and then I hopefully I will win.  I have a couple of weeks before the new card comes out and I want to be in the positive zone for sure.

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