Playing Mah Jongg is Good for Your Health!

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We know that Mah Jongg is a mentally stimulating game that requires quick decision-making skills, organization, sharp attention to detail and patterns, and good problem solving. Playing the game provides a good workout for our brains. But did you know that and can even improve our brain’s performance and mood? Medical research supports this.


As published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry in 2006, researchers studied Mah Jongg’s effects on people who already had mild or moderate dementia. They determined that regardless of playing twice or four times per week, Mah Jongg produced consistent gains in all memory testing. The effects lasted even after Mah Jongg had been withdrawn for a month. This suggested that constant practice is not necessary to achieve beneficial effect once initial improvement was noted.


In a study of persons without dementia, published in the Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology in 2014, researchers found that in addition to improved cognitive function, there was an improved mood in the participants after playing Mah Jongg.


So in addition to getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and getting physical exercise, we should add another habit to our To-Do List: playing Mah Jongg. Those hours spent playing the game not only are enjoyable, but they can have lasting positive effects. So even if you don’t win a game all day, your mind has won.


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