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I’ve been playing Mah Jongg for about four years but never for money. I’ve heard many comments and opinions from other Mah Jongg enthusiasts about the differences in play between games for money versus those where nothing is at stake except the right to say you won a game or two. Most expressed that they placed a more defensive game when playing for money.

I recently started playing Mah Jongg with a new group of women and they usually play for money. I had been eager to add this new angle to my game.  I brought $4 in coins to the game as instructed.  I never removed it from my purse the entire evening. I won the first game and $1.  I won the third game and another $1. The tiles and a few Jokers were with me.

There were a few wall games as well. They were real defensive battles, with each of us holding a tile or two coveted by the others. We were all at about the same skill level so luck likely played a part in the outcome. I gave back $1 throughout the rest of the evening for three wins by other players. So I went home with an extra $1 after several hard-fought games. I found that I enjoyed playing with this group as well as playing for money. I did enjoy the defensive battles. I don’t expect I’ll come out ahead every time. After all, I tend to be a streaky player. But this did add another dimension to the game.

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  1. wisesher  November 29, 2015

    I’ve always played for money. The most we can lose is $4.00 and if we lose more than that you can use the kitty. The winner always pays .10 to the kitty and we all pay .10 to the kitty for a wall game. It makes it more fun.

  2. Iolanthe  November 29, 2015

    See the recent article in the online magazine Tablet:

  3. lk32  November 29, 2015

    Our group recently started playing for money. Doing so does make the game a tad more interesting, although I can’t say that it makes me try harder to win or to play more defensively because what really motivates me is the challenge of getting mah jongg!

  4. Connie711  October 1, 2019

    I seriously want to play mahjong for money but all this is really confusing. How do I get into one of the $4 games?

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