“The Path to Mah Jongg Wisdom”

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bubbefischerRecently I purchased  the book “Searching for Bubbe Fischer” by Karen Gooen. The author had shared a copy of her book with one of the other mentors of our site and I was intrigued when I saw it and could not wait to read it. This past weekend I traveled west to visit my brother and my nephews in Tucson so I had a lot of time on the planes and in the airport to just read. I quickly went through the easy to read book and perhaps the other travelers thought it a bit strange as I sat there with a smile on my face and I could feel my head nodding in agreement throughout the book.

First of all, the author’s purpose in writing this book is that she is looking for the right mentor so that she can master the game.The story unfolds with her experiences while taking lessons and then while playing at various tournaments trying to find that top player to emulate and follow.  Our goal here at MahJonggMentor.com is hopefully we can be that resource and help players do just that, play better Mah Jongg. As stated in our own mission statement we want to help people make better playing decisions, we want to teach more people about the game and we want people to play well and to have fun.

This book is a great complement to our site. It includes instruction for intermediate and advanced players and descriptions of tournament play, three-handed games, etiquette and more. Our own site includes over 50 actual video lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players including strategy, exercises, and short features on hands and game playing.  The author had this to say about our site, “For players who need reinforcement on strategy–video lessons that can be played, and replayed, at your convenience! It’s quite an impressive instructional website. If they’d had this when Bubbe was learning the game, her story would have been a lot shorter!”

This book offers the Mah Jongg player tools to help them become a better player and to then enjoy the game that much more. The author, like us at MahJonggMentor.com, hope that by sharing this information we can increase the number of players and ensure the continued longevity of the game. So during this holiday season how about giving the book along with the gift of membership to the MahJonggMentor.com website and spread the fun of playing!


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“Searching for Bubbe Fischer” can be found at Amazon.com



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