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Last week was a lot of fun at our weekly Mah Jongg game night.  Well it was a lot of fun for me but I am not so sure it was for the rest of the ladies. I play in a regular group and we are all fast and thoughtful players.  We also tend to play defensively when necessary and most of the time follow the discards and the trends of each hand. In other words, we frequently play a lot of wall games.

The evening started off and early on my hand developed and I was sitting on call. I watched closely as none of my tiles were being thrown. The walls went quickly by and we were down to the last wall and the last few tiles.  I drew my tile and yes it was Mah Jongg! There was one tile left in the wall!  A few games later I was set up once again.  The Jokers were falling in line that evening which always gives you lots of flexibility.  I waited patiently. I had an ambiguous exposure out because it could mean I was playing any number of hands.  The end of the wall was close with just a handful of tiles left.  I drew my last pick and yes again it was Mah Jongg! How very cool! Twice in one night such luck!

The evening continued on and we knew were approaching the last few games.  My tiles indicated playing the first hand under the 2015 section with the winds.  I called the Norths with a Joker. I had the East and West and the Soap, a one and five dot. I was weak on the Souths and of course missing a 2 dot. But you can never really give up.  As the game went on, the player to my right threw a 2 dot, then a second, and then a third!  Really? I thought oh my this is not going to happen especially since it appeared that the game was almost finished. But as the wall diminished I became set with my Souths. But I knew that there was only one 2 dot left.  It seemed at this point that everyone was playing for a wall game.  There were some obvious hot tiles and we have all played long enough together to know that you do not discard those.  Each tile I drew turned out to be a safe tile to throw.  I did not need to ruin my hand.  There were just four tiles left. I drew my tile and alas it was not the 2 dot so I threw it content in the thought it was a wall game. But the player to my right drew the last tile and then threw the last 2 dot as her discard! There were 3 on the table – she thought it was safe until I yelled with joy and excitement exclaiming “That’s It!!” The player to my left said “you are kidding right?” But I wasn’t. I won again in the last bit of the game.

So the moral of this story in my opinion is that you cannot give up on a hand until the end.  You must pay attention to the discards and adjust your hand accordingly. Be flexible if you see your tiles out.  If your hand is an unwinnable one then by all means toss the tiles you know are safe. But always know that you might be having a lucky day so play the hand until the end! You never know!

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