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Yesterday, I played several games of Mah Jongg with my friends. It was a rainy day and I wasn’t sure I wanted to drive in bad weather. I had worked all morning on a work project, but needed a break so I pushed myself to leave my house. And I am so glad I did.

Even though, I didn’t receive any jokers during the deal in any of the Mah Jongg games, I remained positive about the possibility of winning a game. I focused on the key reasons I play Mah Jongg. It is fun, it provides mental stimulation and social conversations are wonderful. And guess what? I actually got lucky early in one game and picked several jokers and the tiles I needed. So I won this game, despite the odds against me.

In another Mah Jongg game where I had no jokers, I played a “pairs” hand and came so close to winning. I only needed 1 more tile for Mah Jongg, so I felt good about my Mah Jongg strategy.

So I remind you to stay positive throughout your Mah Jongg game. Sometimes you pick jokers up later in the game and sometimes you can win a game with a “pairs” hand. It just important to remember your luck can change at any moment and soon you will be shouting out “Mah Jongg”.

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