MahJonggMentor Testimonials

Our site has grown tremendously in just a short time. Here are some recent comments we have received.We have chosen to keep the names anonymous.

I enjoy receiving your monthly updates and plan to renew my membership when it becomes due in the New Year. Your videos and website have been very helpful in my introducing and teaching a group of my friends how to play this wonderful game called MahJongg!

Thank you,

Cheryl **

I am a new meonesmber to Mah Jongg Mentor and have been enjoying your learning videos.

The Scoring video includes an available double bonus to the player that declares Mah Jongg when East rolls a pair … Is this a scoring rule from the NMJL? I do not see it on the hand card or the Mah Jongg Made Easy handbook and I have never come across reference to this scoring rule on other related websites. Would this be a “house rule”?

Our group uses scoring … so I would appreciate your comments.


Lady ***

Hi Leah,

I just signed up for your site last night. It is excellent. As a beginner, I am learning so much by your clear explanations.

As a former court reporter, I am amused at the closed captioning that accompanies the video. I don’t know if you are aware that “a rack” comes out “Iraq”. There are countless errors which make the captioning totally worthless. Perhaps you have not watched the video with this feature, but it will give you a laugh.
Gail **

First of all I want to tell you that I’ve picked up some wonderful tips from your videos. They are a great teaching tool. I’ve been playing about two years and absolutely LOVE the game. mahjonggtiles1Thank you so much for your very helpful website……. Your teaching style is wonderful …..


Thank you very much…Love your site….every night I review several videos..
Most of the ladies I play MahJong with have been playing for YEARS…well, I started late in life and I have to do some “catching up” 🙂 You are helping me do this….

Thanks again,
Dorothy **