Tips for Tournament Play

Tournament season is upon us. Have you avoided tournaments? Are you anxious about playing in one? Here are some tips to help you.
Become comfortable in playing a game in ten minutes or less. Fast play is a necessity in tournaments.

Know the card. Being able to quickly identify or switch hands is vital.

Learn the official tournament rules. Often we play a friendly game with relaxed or different rules. Brush up on official rules before you play.

Avoid giving other players an advantage. Do you separate your suits on your rack by leaving a space? This may give others a clue as to how many or which tiles you need to complete  an exposure. Similarly, always placing your Flowers or Jokers in the same place on your rack may give others a hint.

tournamenttipimageConcentrate on the game being played. Don’t lament that you should have played the previous hand differently. Each hand is a new opportunity.

Remember that the best offense is good defense. If you cannot win, prevent others from doing so. In a tournament, every point counts.

Be confident. Don’t assume that the more experienced players will win the game. Play the best you can with the tiles you have.

Don’t agonize and delay the game. Play smart. Make a decision and move on.