by Leah Feigenbaum

leah15This edition of classroom corner is unique. We are providing you with two lessons. We are doing this to make you sure you are aware of what the site has to offer, whether you are a beginner or looking for strategy.

The first video is from the homework/exercise section of the website. These Mah Jongg lessons are interactive. They give you the opportunity to work on specific hands in different ways. If you have Mah Jongg tiles to work with at home, that is best. Just pause the video (when you are ready), then compare answers. This section of our website features many hands to work your skills. Some are from past card years; remember the concepts and rules of Maj do not change year to year, so it just gives you more hands to challenge yourself.

The second featured video is specific to the 2016 National Mah Jongg League card. This film addresses patterning that is used with the particular card year and how to be flexible and nimble while playing. Of course, all strategy lessons we provide are not card year specific. We have both NMJL card year strategy as well as a general strategy section to assist you regardless of the card year.

Remember, if you are a member, you can watch all our videos as many times as you like. As your Mah Jongg skills and play improve you can incorporate more strategies into your game!

May the Jokers be with you,