Index of the Monthly Classroom Corners

A compilation of the monthly Classroom Corner feature videos  that appear in our newsletters.  Various subjects are the topics discussed.



September                      How to pick the correct hand

 August                            How many hands can you play?

July                                  What Would You Do?

June                                 Progression of an Odds Hand

May                                  What Would You Do? (exercise)

April                                  Patterning Across Sections of the Card

March                               Transitioning to the New Card

February                           Rules and Updates for 2018


December/January          Relationship in a hand creating multiple suits

November                       Exposed vs. Concealed

October                          Decision Making

September                     Playing Your Strengths

August                           Live Play For the 2017 NMJL Card

July                                What Would You Do?

June                              Progression of a 369 Hand

May                              Examine the Possibilities for The 2017 Section

April                             See how the Consec. & Odds Work Together

March                           Getting Ready for your first Tournament

February                      Defense for the 2016 Card

January                        Decision Making


Nov./Dec.                    How to get to Singles & Pairs

Sept/Oct.                     Visiting the Exercises of Website

August                         Examine The Possibilities

June/JulyThrowing to 3 Exposures
MayWhat to Pass in the Charleston
April The Patterns in the New Card
MarchWaiting for the New Card
FebruaryAfter the Charleston
JanuaryThe Charleston and Stopping It
DecemberCharleston Decisions
NovemberJoker Placement and Exposures
OctoberCollecting Sets
September Plan A vs. Plan B
August Defense
July Table Rules
June Singles & Pairs Section
May 3 Nines in One Suit
April Using the New Card
March Preparing for the New Card
February Calling Someone’s Hand Dead
January supplemental Looking at the 2014 Section
January Looking at the 2468 Section