The New Card, Yeah or Nay!

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Most Mah Jongg enthusiasts are very excited about the 2015 National Mah Jongg League new card launching. However, if you are a new player(even just learning), this may be a dreaded event.

The important thing to remember, is that you are playing Mah Jongg. There are no Mah Jongg police that will swoop in and confiscate your set or disband your game, if you do not immediately change cards. As long as your entire table is playing with the same year card and having fun, that’s what counts. There have been instances where I needed 4 cards for my group. The only ones I had 4 of the same were 1999, so we used them. It was actually fun to reminisce. Of course, if you go to a tournament, you will be using the correct card year. (put out by NMJL)

Many of you may not be aware, there are other Mah Jongg cards put out by other organizations. This keeps the game interesting to all. You’re still playing by the same rules, the patterns of the hands are just different.

Whatever Mah Jongg card you play with, is here to help you. Our members will have access to our teaching videos and exercises for the current year National Mah Jongg League card as well as prior card years we have taught.

As long as you are playing MAJ it’s all good!!

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