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Reading Faye’s Blog made me reflect, too, on the side benefits we get from MahJongg.

I really appreciate what she means, and if you have played for any period of time, you probably understand the side benefit of friendship that develops too.  Meeting new people makes it wonderful, and along the way, friends are made.

I met Faye at our group that she mentioned.  We played and we laughed while she was here, before her move back home to Massachusetts.  We realized we played alike (although she’s better than I am!), thought alike (well for the most part), and we complemented each other, and made a connection.   We now even have travel to tournaments together even though we are several states away from each other.

But something else has happened that makes me love the game even more:

My Mom is 85 years old and she doesn’t quite get around like she used to.  So we don’t get to travel too much or go shopping or any of the things that we used to do.

Faye mentioned in her blog how she remembers the game from when her mom played when she was a child.  Well, our experience is just the opposite.   I learned the game, and then my mom, found out about the game and, so she wanted to learn it too.  She even taught all her 80+ year old friends in Florida.  So, every week we would talk about who we both were teaching that week, and how we were playing.  She’d call me and ask me questions that they would ask her to be sure she was answering them correctly.  We actually connected on a new level; a different level than before.  We had something in common that we loved and wanted to share that was new and a passion for both of us.

Well, Mom now has moved in with us.  And we look forward to every Tuesday.  It’s a sacred day for us.   Our Time for us.    We don’t have to be at the same table, we just know we’re both together, enjoying the same pastime.  And when we end the day, we compare our notes:  “how many games did you win?”  “Do you believe it? I had no jokers”, “I won on a hand I’ve never played before”, etc., etc.

So MahJongg really is about friendship, but for me, it’s also about family.   I hope Mom and I have many more years of MahJongg ahead of us.  My daughter now is learning it, and so is my daughter in law and it’s expanding to other members of the family.

What’s your favorite memory or reflection about MahJongg?  We’d love to hear from you.

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