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This past Friday I traveled to visit with some friends and spend the day playing Mah Jongg.  Of course I hit traffic and therefore arrived later than originally planned. The ladies had already begun the game. We were playing with five — East rotated out. It was good to see everyone and  play was fast. By lunch time we had a couple of wall games and alternated winners. We broke for lunch after mixing the tiles and building the walls, closing the doors to the family room behind us as we headed into the dining room. We enjoyed a delicious meal, relaxed and stretched our legs a bit. We cleaned up and went back into the family room. But something was wrong — a tile was missing from one of the walls.  How very strange!

I guess this was not the first time that this happened. Immediately the ladies called out for one of my friend’s cats! I guess this particular one had a hankering for the Mah Jongg tiles which is why they closed the door to the room but we never knew she had been hiding in the room the whole time!  Now a tile was hiding! The last time one of the other ladies had to run home to get her sets so they could finish the afternoon play. This time we were determined to find the tile. We looked under sofa cushions and in baskets and finally under the couch in the corner was the lone tile. Yes we could finish playing.

But think about it really, how could a cat pick one little tile off the wall and then carry it off the table and across the floor and under the couch? What was he trying to tell us too?

All in all it was a good day for friendship and fun play.


P.S. By the way if you do end up missing a tile, I found the following places where you might find an orphan tile to complete your set. Of course you can always contact the NMJL as they have frequently have knowledge of replacement tiles. Or you can go to www.mahjongtiles.com or www.13orphans.com. personally my sets are in great shape so I have had no personal experience from either but I have done some reading and the reviews seem to be positive. Let us know how you fair if you try this.

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