Learn to Play Videos

Have you wanted to learn to play American MahJongg the RIGHT WAY?  Have you looked for classes and can’t find them or don’t have the time to take them?  Well you’re in luck! americanmahjgettingclose09

We’re excited to offer you Mah Jongg lessons to do just that.  We have an excellent, experienced instructor who teaches on a regular basis in the Philadelphia area.  We have taken the time to create a series of lessons in short 5 to 10 minute intervals to give you the basic training on how to play American MahJongg.

Now we’ll admit… you can go get classes in your local area.. and you may want to do that.  Take a 6 week class, pay $75 or more and dedicate the time and money to do just that.  That is, of course, ideal.

But you know what?  Most of us either can’t or don’t want to do that. We want to learn and play as quickly as we can.  So here goes!

Join Leah & Arlene for all you need to know to Power Up your Game!


This is a series of Mah Jongg teaching lessons using videos, 5 to 12 minutes each.. View them all and go play!  Then come back and view them again.  Watch them over and over and you will be confident and enjoy playing often and well. Please note each MahJonggMentor lesson opens the video on a new page. Leah takes you through learning the tiles:  dots, kraks, bams, dragons, winds, jokers, flowers are all covered in Lesson 1.

(Special Note: We are continuing to update these videos to the latest NMJL card, however when you learn the basics, it doesn’t matter what year card you use, it is all the same.)

The Tiles

These next lessons build on the first. Lesson 2 starts with an overall Introduction to explain “The Card” – this is one of the things that sets American MahJongg apart from the other country versions.

Lesson 2 Introduction to Card Concepts

Lesson 3 Card Concepts In the Consecutive Section and Terminology

Lesson 4 Card Concepts Continued – Building Hands in the 2016 Section 

Ok, let’s get started!  Now that you have learned the tiles and the card, we’re ready to build the wall and “deal the tiles”

Building the Wall and the Deal

Ever heard of the Charleston?  The old 1920’s dance?  Well, picture the dance and think: Right Over Left, Left Over Right. You’ll see what we mean when you watch The Charleston Basics

The Charleston Basics

After reviewing the Basics of the Charleston, keep watching!  Besides the logistics of the Charleston, there are a few other more intricate moves to know.  In the next video lesson you will see how to refine your choices to head toward a great hand.

The Charleston Refined

The Charleston Live

The Play

Learn some other important concepts from Leah:  What is the difference between an Exposed hand and a Concealed Hand?  What is “Racking”?  And finally, What is the proper way to exchange a tile for a Joker?  All this, and more, in the next video.

More Refinements and Concepts