More MahJongg New Year’s Resolutions – #1 – Tournament Play!

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Are you Ready?

One of our  January newsletter articles reflected on New Year’s Resolutions, and related them to suggestions on resolutions about your MahJongg game.  They were great suggestions that Marcy made, but then, I saw a quote that is more like what my New Year’s Resolutions usually are:   “A one week to do list”.

Well here we are in our second week, and MahJongg is still on my “to do list”/resolutions.  I love improving myself – losing weight, and being more grateful for what I have; are always high on my list.  But I have included some MahJongg game changes on the list this year, too.  Mainly because I can stick to them better than shed those 15 pounds!  So thanks Marcy, for getting the ball started!

What are yours?  Here’s mine:

  1.  Play more tournaments.  I love tournaments.  What a change from 3 years ago when I was frightened to give them a try.  I hope you will try one if you haven’t yet.  Since that first tournament I attended in Atlantic City, NJ,  I have been to several more 3 day ones, including a Florida MJ cruise.  I’ve attended several Mini Tournaments too, and even started an Annual Mini Tournament in the Greater Phila area.  We use that to help “newbies” graduate to “tourneys”, an idea that one of our members implemented in Ohio.  Check out our video lesson below, on “stuff you should know about tournament play”, so you can assuage any fears you may have about attending tournaments.  They really aren’t that intimidating once you conquer the unknown.
  2. Play more times a week.  We play locally Tuesday, once a week every week, and every other week – Thursday nights and Sundays.   The only thing in my way to playing more, is my business, my husband, my exercise routine, and my volunteer commitments.  Hmmm, maybe this one is unrealistic.  I would play every day if I could.  But alas, that’s not going to happen.  I saw one blog that suggested extending how long they play.  Maybe that’s the way to get more play in.  Anyone for 12 hours of play? Maybe instead of a Mini tournament – a “Maxie” tournament?
  3. Find out what all the MahJongg Mentor members would like to see added to our site and implement at least one idea.    We are growing by leaps and bounds.  Some of you found us early when we launched last August.  Some of you have just found us on the internet this past week, and are signing up faster than ever before.  We LOVE that we are getting great press (look for us on where we have been published, on our testimonial page), and are excited to launch some new video lessons when the new National MahJongg League 2015 card comes out!  But what else would you like?

I think Marcy’s idea of only 3 “Resolutions” is a good one.  So I will stop here.  But I want to stick to my  personal resolution of being more grateful.  So, I want to thank each and every one of you for your support, your business, and your accolades that you have provided over the last 6 months about our site.  We are all very grateful.  And for those of you who are even telling others about us, thank you a second time!  We know your highest compliment to us is to refer another.

Happy New Year!  Sue

Video Lesson:  Are you Ready for a Tournament?


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