MahJongg Madness Tournament – my last day

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The Last Day _ Mah Jongg Madness Tampa Tournament

After taking Saturday night off from Mah Jongg and enjoying a nice meal out with my friend, I was ready to finish the tournament in the same positive manner.  All in all this experience was a very good one and it even got me to think about playing in future ones as well.

More than a quarter of the ladies played in an optional mini tournament Saturday night. This was after playing all day. Some groups headed off to various restaurants and some even opted for the casino.  Actually how silly of me – I did not even know there was a casino nearby. We also heard of players gathering in someone’s room and playing too. This happened both Friday night and Saturday night.  Someone mentioned that in our conversation and when I look puzzled they responded that many people meet friends at these tournaments and this is the only time they get to play with their friends. The other comment was they came to play and play is what they want to do.

Anyway the final session for me once again featured some good defensive play leading to wall games and I won a couple of hands. I knew I was in the middle of the pack somewhere and probably out of the prize money.  I figured correctly. I ended up finishing tied for like 43rd place almost 200 points behind the top winner.  But out of over 200 players, not a bad result indeed. The bottom line is that here I was playing a game I loved among a large group of women who are there because they too love the game.  What more could you ask for? Until next time!

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