MahJongg Madness Tournament-my 2nd day

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Day Two – Mah Jongg Madness Tampa Tournament

The day started with a good breakfast and I was ready to continue the positive play of the first night.  Most people playing have been friendly and cheerful although you always get that one or two people that look at the glass half empty instead of half full. It doesn’t matter where you are but this is typical.  My overall impression of the play today is that I was involved in very defensive games all day. I counted and out of 24 games I played 13 wall games! I won 3 games and gave Mah Jongg 3 times as well.  This all sounds good in the overall scheme but in tournament play this was nothing. As we changed tables in between rounds you could hear about some people who won three out of 4 hands or others who won with a Joker-less hand. Now you are adding up big points.  So I may not be in the running for the top prizes but at least I am in the competition.

I did have one hand today that stood out. We started the last round of the morning session. As everyone sat down we greeted each other and all seemed good. The Director made her few announcements and then we began. For each round there is a hand selected for a mini bonus pay out.  My hand set up nicely and I drew my own Mah Jongg tile. I was happy. But unfortunately the player next to me on my right was totally unhappy. You see she was waiting on the bonus hand and had no jokers. She thought she had it in the bag and I took her bonus from her. Some people do take this very seriously. Even later in the round she was still fuming over this and the other players jokingly told me not to be alone in dark corners or stay away from the balconies. It was silly but really this one player was taking it all too seriously for sure.  It is a shame that everyone can’t just play to have fun.

As for me, I am happy with my play and happy with the way the days have gone.

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