Mah Jongg Merchandise Mania

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Mah Jongg Diva Dog

Wow! I never realized how many items of Mah Jongg merchandise were being sold on the internet. Besides the specialty Mah Jongg merchandise retail sites owned by entrepreneurs, the larger retail websites like eBay and Amazon sell hundreds of items for Mah Jongg enthusiasts. Quite frankly, I was overwhelmed by the amount and the selection.

All these retail websites sold the typical offerings such as Mah Jongg sets, pushers, tile bags and table covers. You could also buy some vintage Mah Jongg cards on eBay. The Mah Jongg card for 1948 was on sale for $ 48 dollars.

Then there were the items that one might find on any retail hobby website like books, mugs and clothing. I loved some of the Mah Jongg messages on the clothing items. Some of the best Mah Jongg messages included:

• “Keep calm and play Mah jongg”
• “Mah Jongg because therapy is expensive”
• “Laughter is the 2nd best medicine, Mah Jongg is the first”
• “ Mah Jongg is the chocolate chips in the cookies of life”
• “There’s no crying in Mah Jongg”

However, my favorite item was a tee shirt for one’s pet dog. The shirt said “Mah Jong Diva”. This made me laugh, because everyone knows that man’s (woman’s) best friend loves to play games, especially Mah

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