Love It and Hate It

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I love playing Mah Jongg, but there are some situations during the game that I don’t love. Sometimes I even hate them. Here is a list of things that occasionally happen during the game that leave me shaking my head and muttering to myself.


  • Not being able to call for a discard due to being one tile short for an exposure; then getting a joker on my next pick. Why couldn’t I have gotten that joker on my previous turn?


  • Being one tile short for Mah Jongg, then getting three of the same tile the next game, when I don’t need them. Did the Mah Jongg gods get my wish list too late?


  • Waiting patiently for my turns, because no one will know what tiles I pick, then getting Winds on several consecutive turns, which I definitely do not need.


  • Choosing between two hands, then getting several tiles that are perfect for the discarded hand.


  • Discarding a tile a player with an exposure won’t need, only to have another player without any exposures call for it.


  • Being “on call” for Mah Jongg for several turns, then another player with no exposures calls it.


  • Being so certain what hand another player is working towards; then throwing what I consider a “safe” tile, and finding out I was totally wrong.


  • Deciding to play a “Pairs” hand, then getting several Jokers that I have to discard.


How many times have these situations happened to you? What else has happened that left you shaking your head and muttering, “I can’t believe it!”


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