Why learn Mah Jongg or any hobby?

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One message I clearly heard from my mom, was to develop hobbies. She reminded me that “children eventually grow up and don’t need you and that your current career will eventually end.”

Quite frankly I found it hard to believe that I wouldn’t be driving my boys to sports practice and games in the afternoons forever. Or that all my wonderful contacts for marketing projects would eventually retire or become consultants themselves.

But my mom persisted that I think about my future and pursue hobbies that were lifelong. So I took up hobbies such as Golf and Mah Jongg and I fell in love with both.

With golf, I met so many interesting people playing on the golf team and in tournaments. It is a sport that my husband, my sons and I enjoy playing together.

With Mah Jongg, I met a lot of people, who I now have as friends and business partners. Mah Jongg is a wonderful lifetime hobby because there aren’t any physical requirements only strategic thinking and luck.

So I remind you how important it is to have hobbies even in the midst of being a parent and/or working in a demanding career. Think about learning MahJongg or improving your current game play today.

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