The Law of Averages

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Law of averages: (noun) the expectation that a possible event is bound to occur regularly with a frequency approximating to its probability, as in the (actually false) example: after five heads in a row the law of averages makes tails the better bet 


Playing Mah Jongg, I often think about the “Law of Averages”. It would be nice to think that if four players play eight games on any given day, each would win two games. Or, if players won more than their share on a particular day, then the next time they played, they would win less- it would all even out. We all know however, that this isn’t true. Anyone who plays Mah Jongg knows the feeling of an unintended jokerless hand when jokers are sorely needed and others have an ample supply. Sometimes it’s agony to be in need of jokers and watch another player discarding them as unneeded. Lacking jokers for one hand does not guarantee more jokers for another hand.


I consider myself a “streaky” player- I may win few games for two or three weeks, then win several games the next few times I play. However the wins and losses don’t average out. How nice it would be if they did.

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