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I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting so many new people over the last few weeks promoting our love omj room2f Mah Jongg and our website  Everyone has their own distinct brand of enjoyment and its a joy to behold online; viewing players, sets and of course snacks.

We want to make sure that our public realizes that we are trying not to just teach but promote the game and if you like, your game.  We publish a list of tournaments and games.  Should you like to be posted, please reach out.  These should be open games; whether they are at a senior center, library or luncheonette.  Of course, if you have a flyer for a tourney that is great, too.

Our MahJongg community is only as good as the whole group.  That includes your experiences, your games, your stories, your hands.  You, our members, are appreciated and many of you are teachers, and mentors in your own right.  Those of us who are teachers and mentors are great partners to those who are new and inexperienced and want to grow their game.

So help us help you: Write to us, offer to guest blog a story that touches your heart, tell us where you play, what tournaments are in your area, where you teach and when.  If you have a site you want us to let others know about let us know that too.  Do you have an idea of what type of videos you would like us to add?  Remember, all things MahJongg are what we want to share.


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