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2014 MJ card

Now is the time to play a couple of hands that contain the tiles that make up 2014. It is almost springtime and the new 2015 Mah Jongg card will be mailed to your house sometime between the end of March and the beginning of April. And the 2014 hands will no longer be available to play. So I suggest you have fun trying one or more of the 2014 hands listed below:
* NNNN EW SSSS 2014 (Any 1 suit)
* 222 000 1111 4444 (Any 2 suits)
* FFFF 2222 0000 14 (Any 1 suit)
* FF 2014 1111 4444 (Any 3 suits)
I was lucky and received the 2 dot, 1 dot, 4 dot and the soap tile (white dragon) and some winds in the Charleston during one of my latest Mah Jongg games. I was excited to try something new, so I decided to work towards this hand:
* NNNN EW SSSS 2014 (Any 1 suit)
Even though I had a lot of other options for a Mah Jongg hand, I decided to stick with this 2014 hand. It was fun to take the risk and keep striving to go beyond my usual choices. Mah Jongg has taught me that decisiveness is very necessary. One should determine a direction early on and have the courage to commit to that path. Even though I didn’t win with this hand, I only needed one more tile for Mah Jongg, when someone else won. And I felt great about challenging myself to try something new.
So play a hand that contains 2014 before time runs out and the new 2015 card arrives in your mailbox.

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