Why Go to a Mini Tournament?

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winners at the AMJL VF tourney

Reasons to Attend a Mini Tournament

Are you one of those people who is afraid of going to a MahJongg  tournament?  Are you afraid of the experienced people who tend to go to them?  Do you think that you can’t play fast enough?  Think you can’t compete?  Worried you will embarrass yourself?   Is it too expensive to shell out $200 to $300, or too much time away from home?

These are all the reasons to attend a Mini Tournament!  A  Mini Tournament is just that: a mini version of a “real tournament”.   Most major tournaments are 3 days and you need to travel somewhere, and have lodging, food and entrance fee expenses, and time away from home.  But Mini Tournaments are typically one day, 5 or 6 rounds and only $25 to $60 on the average.

Mini Tournaments still keep score just like the regular tournaments, and require that you play 4 games in 50 minutes to an hour max which will give you the “flavor” of a big tournament without the stress of it.  You’ll learn scoring, you’ll learn a different strategy of play, and even how and where to move from round to round.  You’ll play with people you don’t know adding a new dimension to your play. The cost to go is lower therefore the winnings are less – so no real risk or stress whether you win or lose.  Frequently too minis maybe held to support a charity cause which of course is a good thing..

Our www.mahjonggmentor.com  3rd Mini Tournament was held this past weekend at the Mickey Vernon Sports Museum.   The curator, Jim Vankowski, and his wife Barb, as always, were the perfect hosts.  The room was comfortable and we were surrounded by sports memorabilia from all over the local Delaware County, PA. the area boasts many Pennsylvania sports heroes.    It’s a great place to play.

As the day began, our ladies arrived happy and excited, and needing coffee!  So we milled around until everyone arrived.  It was a bit touch and go in the morning as one of our players cancelled at the last minute, which caused us to have to implement the 3 person table rule.  Some were not sure they wanted to do that, but finally all agreed it was worth a try.  No one in the room had ever played a 3 person table in a tournament (which meant no Charleston!)  But actually by the end of the day, everyone agreed they were glad they did.  It enriched our experience by playing something new to us.

So again why go  to a mini tournament?  You can shed those butterflies quickly, see that the mystery of a tournament is demystified, and generally see that the ladies playing are just like you:  worried or a little anxious, but ready to have fun.  Everyone there is willing to learn new things and a new style of play.  You will meet new people, make new friends and experience some friendly competition..

Some of us are off again next weekend (road trip!) for another day of mini-tourney fun.

So, shed your anxieties!  Jump on to our site and look for a mini tournament near you!  If you know where there is one and It’s not posted?  Email us at [email protected] to give us the details of your mini, and we’ll get it up on the site right away.

May the Tiles be with you!


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