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The options for Mah Jongg lovers of the game were limited not so long ago.  We could purchase Mah Jongg sets and books from catalogs or specialty stores. Then came the Internet boon, and more websites from which to purchase Mah Jongg sets and books. Table covers, bags, and shirts followed.

Recently the list of Mah Jongg-related merchandise seems limitless. Almost anything is available with an image of Mah Jongg tiles or with Mah Jongg phrases. Novelty soaps, dishes, license plates, jewelry, welcome mats, and pens are available for purchase. Looking for Mah Jongg goods on an Internet search engine yields several well-known websites and many lesser-known ones. A Mah Jongg enthusiast can choose from a large selection of pre-made products, guaranteed to initiate “oohs and aahs” during games. Individuals with a creative touch can acquire the materials themselves and make one-of-a-kind items. On one website that is populated with items sold by businesses and individuals alike, groups of Mah Jongg tiles are sold for use as jewelry or in other craft projects. I’ve seen lovely Mah Jongg fabric advertised.


I purchased a Mah Jongg set a few years ago. I’ve spent countless hours looking at other items on the Internet but haven’t yet bought anything else Mah Jongg-related. I suspect that may change. I confess I’ve been ogling some Mah Jongg socks and have them on my Wish List on a popular website. If none of my family members gets the hint, I’ll just purchase them myself. Perhaps they’ll bring me luck in my weekly game.

How many Mah Jongg items do you have?

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