February 2017 Newsletter

          Annual National Mah Jongg League Meeting                                               February 6, 2017

Did you ever wonder what happens during the National Mah Jongg League meetings? Our MahJonggMentor member Ahuva Ellner attended the meeting in New York and was kind enough to give us all a full report. Thanks Ahuva!
     The start of this week heralded the Annual Meeting of the National Mah Jongg League. Would you believe the 2017 card will be the 80th Year for the NMJL?
     Living in the Big Apple I was fortunate enough to attend this event along with several other Mah Jongg lovers, teachers, Tournament Directors and members. There were about 12 of us in total including the President, Larry Unger, Vice President, David Unger, staff and Mah Jongg experts who answer the phones, among other important duties.
     The New York office is bright and spacious and occupies a space on the fourth floor of an expansive office building right across from Macy’s. (Shopping anyone?)
     Here are some of the highlights of the meeting I would like to share with you.
     Larry told us that there was over one million dollars in donations given out this year. The many charities that are aided include the City of Hope, Penrickton Center for Young Blind Children, Hadassah and The Special Olympics. The League takes great pride in this aspect of the Mission. The motto of the NMJL is Supporting Friendship and Promoting Giving. Larry told us that in October all the donation checks go out. This important mission was restated many times in the meeting and one could certainly feel the relevance, importance and pride in this complex aspect of the League’s business.
    The League is extremely busy now with its membership drive. Larry reviewed the scheduling of the League’s calendar and by the time he finished my head was spinning. What an organized schedule! And everything is done with precision and accuracy by a lean staff. In full view in the office were many large boxes, some containing the over 5,000 proxies submitted from the membership. The staff’s responsibilities include such things as distribution and printing. The summer is spent gathering information which lasts until November. There is also a Standardization Committee.
     Larry discussed the “flexibility” of the game, and that Mah Jongg in America is a “BIG TENT”. He stressed the high standards set by the League 80 years ago.
     So now you have an inkling as to the League’s motto, and work that has gone on for 80 years and still thrives with the help of its membership and our love of the game.
    We are looking forward to the arrival of the 2017 card in the beginning of April and word is it is going to be “GREAT”. Hope you all have a wonderful rest of card 2016 !
     And of course, May the Jokers be with you always!- Ahuva

    In honor of Valentine’s Day here are some Mah Jongg Treats.   Hopefully they taste as good as they look!
                                                  Automatic Mah Jongg Tables

We Mah Jongg Lovers have become obsessed with not only playing the game of Mah Jongg, but by everything on the periphery; from delicious treats, clothing and accessories, to exotic tiles and the history of the game.  It is only natural to be intrigued by the growing popularity of the “Automatic Table”.
Aotomo.com is a premier manufacturer of this novelty item.  They have produced these tables for more than 22 years, continuing to improve and expand their offerings.  Selling worldwide, the tables use the principles of electricity, light and magnetism and are controlled by microcomputer programs.  What many people fail to realize: it’s not just the table using these principles, but the specialized magnetic tiles as well.  Of course, these come with the table either in the American or Chinese version.
With lots of options for color, style and material, the possibilities are almost mind boggling. Just as the options are varied, so are the price points- ranging from $500 to $30,000 USD.   As demand for these novelties has grown, AOTOMO has the capacity to supply 2500 tables per month in 2017.  The manufacturer does sell direct worldwide, but should you like to become a distributor, they are eager to bring their tables to the North American front door.  For more info visit www.aotomo.com. You might also find these tables on well-known websites that feature Mah Jongg merchandise.
If you are the proud owner of an Automatic Mah Jongg Table, we at MahMonggMentor want you to share your stories about your tables. Send your stories to [email protected].

*MahJonggMentor does not endorse these products and has no direct personal or business involvement with the tables or the manufacturer. Please do your own due diligence if you decide to buy one.