Is there equality in Mah Jongg?

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People are always asking me who is playing Mah Jongg these days?

The clear answer for me is EVERYONE!!!                                                   studentsplay

My Classes are full with waiting lists. There are the young(20’s), the more mature(70+)

and everything in between.  It’s not just women either.  I have men that are coming solo as well

as coming with their wives.  It seems that Mah Jongg may be becoming what bridge was to

couples back in the 60’s on a Saturday night.  I am glad to report that all groups are

represented.  And as I continue to tell my male students, when I go to tournaments, the men

that participate continue to do quite well in my experience.  So if you are looking for an activity

to do with your significant other, Mah Jongg may fit the bill.

And of course, is here to help in any way we can!


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