Embracing your Mah Jongg Personality

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Believe it or not, your personality traits impact how you play the game of Mah Jongg.

Are you a pleaser?  Are you aggressive/offensive minded?  Are you indecisive?  Are you defensive?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself.  There is no good or bad Mah Jongg personality.

However, if you know yourself, maybe embrace those tendencies.

The defensive person though they are interested in winning, can become obsessed with ruining their opponents hands.  Many times this player will be discarding flowers at the very beginning of the game, thinking no one will call a flower in the early goings.  Conversely, someone thinking in the offensive mode, may hold onto their flowers thinking they will be redeeming jokers later in the game.

For example, at the beginning of The Play….if no one has collected the winds during The Charleston, many times you see these winds discarded immediately in The Play.  The defender, may hold these tiles for the end of the game, if possible, thinking they are safe discards.

The pleaser is the person in your game who when exposing tiles they are facing out to the other players not themselves.  This is also the person, who is constantly apologizing for one thing or another, when they are merely playing the game; racking quickly causing an opponent to miss calling their tile, stopping The Charelston (because they have a good hand), or even discarding a tile they think someone needs but is unable to call.

If you are the indecisive player, you are the one afraid to pull the trigger.  When you finally decide to call for your first exposure, the game is almost over.  This is very different from being “tile challenged” and unable to call.  This is being so unsure, you are all but paralyzed.  Remember, you must play to win.

As I said, these are not necessarily good or bad, they just are interesting to think about,whether you are thinking about yourself or the other players at your Mah Jongg table.

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