Betting – My Opinion Part 2

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mjplayWith my last blog a couple of weeks ago, I shared my opinion about betting from the position of the bettor and what I went through when that was my role. But what about when you are the player and someone else is the bettor and they are examining your hands and your play?

I do feel that when you are using a bettor it does change how you may play a hand or certainly what hand you may actually choose to play. I have often sat with tiles on my rack and watched the bettor go around the table. I watch the body language and I can tell sometimes which person may have a good hand.  I will then also follow the bettor’s reaction to my own rack and sometimes can determine if I am in the running so to speak. I also look for these clues to see if they may see a hand on my rack which then may give me pause to look more closely to see if I am missing anything.

But there is more pressure sometimes to play a particular hand. I have had lucky days or streaks and a hand is looking good on my rack after the Charleston.  But I may want to push the envelope a little bit and maybe try for that more complicated hand. But someone has bet on me and is that fair to try for something else when the hand on my rack could be a sure thing? (nothing in Mah Jongg is sure) So I am in a turmoil once again, do I go for the harder hand or just go for the win because someone is dependent on my playing the obvious way.

Or what if I am really having a rough patch of luck and although my tiles look good, I do not want the bettor to bet on me because I just know nothing will happen on that particular day. But sometimes they forget the bigger picture and just focus on the tiles on the rack.

Or what if I have a terrific hand but have to throw a hot tile and take a chance that the other player is not set yet? Sometimes you want to take the risk. You are having a good day or that person is not having a good day so you are willing to go for it, but now you think twice because someone may have bet on you so you are now taking a risk for a second person as well. Can you afford to take that chance now?

Read my next and final blog on Betting in just a few days.

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