Betting – My Opinion, Final

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DSC03602So I have talked about how I feel when I am the bettor and how I feel when I am a player being bet on.  Now I will discuss the aftermath of betting.

Too often the game ends and there is the question “who did you bet on?” Of course in order to claim your winnings or to pay out you must reveal the truth. And to me that is when it gets sticky.

How many times have you been in the position where you bet on someone and lost which is okay with you until someone asks why, “why didn’t you bet on me, I had a good hand.”  Well yes you may have had a good hand but the the rest of the hand was on someone else’s rack and as the bettor you had that knowledge. And how many times have you had to say also as the bettor that you did not bet on someone because they never win or you do not have confidence enough in them to win the hand.

Then at the end of the afternoon how does the person feel who was never bet on.  Are we telling this person that they are not good enough and no one has confidence in them or at least in their ability to play the game?  Let’s also not forget what happens if you did bet on someone and that player gave the winning tile to someone and cost you money.  Are you angry or are you taking it in stride? Too often I have seen the recriminations because a player took a chance on their own hand or they did not recognize a hand being played. “Why did you throw that tile, didn’t you see that was a hot tile?” is all too often a cry when a bettor loses. So how does that make the player feel?  It goes back to my other blog when you are the player and feel the pressure that someone may have bet on you and now you are no longer responsible for yourself.

To me betting is a no win situation and hence my turmoil. Instead of having fun and playing the game because you enjoy the game, I feel there is added stress and pressure that is needlessly now incorporated in the game. It is not the money, it is the feelings and emotions.  Don’t we have enough of that elsewhere in our lives? Let me know what you think. I am anxious to hear.

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  1. Terry Frank  October 26, 2015

    The statement, “It’s not whether you win or lose…it’s how you play the game,” comes to mind. I detest the drama in betting. I have been on the receiving end of comments that were hurtful and uncalled for but I remained calm and quiet. My favorite kinds of players are the ones who make no comments at all about the bet. They are also the same kind of player who doesn’t shout, “Look what I had!”, when someone declares mah jongg. They also don’t throw in their tiles in an aggressive manner when they lose.
    A relative of mine, who played for many years, had the following attitude…”I didn’t ask you to bet on me.” I don’t feel like the player owes the bettor anything. You win some, you lose some. The biggest winner to me is always the one with the most gracious conduct.

  2. peg40  October 26, 2015

    We are a group of four ladies and have been playing mahjong for one year, we learned together and play once a week, usually 20 games, we don’t bet, we decided not to bother, are we missing out by not betting? We all absolutely love the game, having so much fun. Thanks for all your help…

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