Benefits of Playing Mah Jongg

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tournamenttipimageA recent article from Mahjong King (a key manufacturer of Automatic Mah Jongg tables) listed five main benefits of playing Mah Jongg. According to the author:

Mah Jongg can treat or slow the effects of dementia. In order to be successful, players need to stay mentally sharp throughout the duration of the game, trying to interpret clues from other players while constructing a winning hand.

Mah Jongg can help improve a person’s memory skills and sharpen the mind. It helps people to make faster decisions and better observations, and also forces players to think on different spectrums.

Mah Jongg makes an excellent social activity and prevents isolation for people of all ages.

Mah Jongg also teaches patience. While sitting for long hours, waiting for your turn, and waiting on your tile, patience is a significant factor in the game.

Mah Jongg is versatile. There are six variations of the game: American, Chinese, Hong Kong, European, Taiwanese, and Riichi. In addition, you can use different rules for each variation.

You can read the article here

On a personal note, I have learned to hide my feelings better with a “poker face”. When playing poker long ago it was easy for others to know when I had a good hand by my facial expressions. Not so anymore. While my heart may be beating fast while being “on call” for that last Mah Jongg tile, my face doesn’t give it away.

What has Mah Jongg done for you?

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