Automatic Mah Jongg Tables

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Most of us are accustomed to spending several minutes shuffling and flipping Mah Jongg tiles and then creating the walls before we begin each game. We accept this as part of the routine. But there is a table that automatically does this chore for us.

An Automatic Mah Jongg Table works by using magnetism. The table comes with magnets installed inside the Mah Jongg tiles with their poles facing in the same direction as the magnets inside of the table. This causes the magnets to repel and turn so the characters and numbers are not seen. Magnets are used to load the tiles onto a small conveyor belt, and sensors count the tiles to be loaded onto each wall. The walls are then raised, and East rolls the dice and deals.autotable1

These tables come in different sizes to accept eastern or western Mah Jongg tiles. They are sold by private companies as well as online websites such as Amazon and eBay. The prices range from just under $1000 to several times more, depending on the table size, quality, and materials. They may resemble a piece of fine furniture or collapse for storage. Some have an enclosed dome for rolling the dice.

The advantages of this table are many, I’m sure. In addition to saving time and effort, the tiles would be better shuffled and not viewed while the walls were built. The tiles would likely stay cleaner, with less handling of them. The racks are likely sturdier. The disadvantages? There would be less time for bathroom breaks, phone calls or texting between hands. For players accustomed to using the automatic tables, shuffling and flipping the tiles and building the walls would really be tedious when playing on a regular table. I can envision it now. In addition to questioning whether the game was being played for money or whether it was fast or slow paced, players would want to know if the table was regular or automatic. Oh well, in the meantime, I’ll put this item on my Wish List. It’s nice to dream.


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