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Anticipation, anticipation
Is making me late
Is keeping me waiting…
Those of us of a certain age surely remember Carly Simon’s song “Anticipation”. The lyrics were later used during a commercial for a brand name ketchup. But at this time of year, Mah Jongg players aren’t thinking so much about ketchup; we are anticipating the arrival of the new Mah Jongg card.


The new card is sometimes referred to as the “Great Equalizer”. Novice players generally have two disadvantages, both comprehending the patterns on the card and learning strategies to play well. Although experience is still a factor, beginning play with a new card with new patterns to decipher and learn puts most Mah Jongg player on an even keel each spring.


Every year there are some hands that remain the same from the previous year. Frequently hands disappear and resurface two or three years later. Occasionally the same hand carries over from the previous year but changes from “open” to “concealed”.


Playing with the 2014 card for nearly a year, we have all developed an affinity for certain card sections or certain hands. We have our favorite hands and those we generally avoid. Some players track which hands they have won on that year’s card. We know this will happen again with the new card.


Sometime in the next few weeks we will receive our new cards and start comparing them to those from previous years. The new card will be a major topic for discussion at Mah Jongg games, with opinions flying about particular sections or hands.


Ah, anticipation. I’m finding it difficult to wait.

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  1. Blinglady  April 2, 2015

    I just received my new 2015 NMJL Card today in the mail. I have been comparing the 2014 to the new and have found some changes. Anxious to get started playing with my friends. Also looking forward to hearing Mahjong Mentors comments etc. as the ladies say, “It is all good as long as we are playing Mahjongg”.

  2. Faye  April 2, 2015

    Hi there,
    I have been preparing a presentation to go over some of the changes to the 2015 card from the 2014 and there are some good hands that have come back. I think after a year of playing the same card you develop a leaning towards certain favorites and may be upset to learn they are gone this year. But we all adapt and figure out the best ones for each of us this year. Stay tuned more hints and strategies to come!

  3. Sue  April 2, 2015

    Hi BlingLady,
    Well, Leah and I just finished 12 Videos on the new card! And taping more tomorrow. So look forward to some insightful videos to supplement the other Mentor’s blogs and presentations coming as well as our Newsletter coming out soon. Whew! Busy time. Sue

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