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I am the member of my Mah Jongg group most likely to call someone dead. I understand the rule about “dead” exposed jokers vs “non dead” jokers. Recently an interesting point was made about the tiles still unexposed. By taking them out of the game and leaving them on the players rack aren’t we hurting ourselves? Any unexposed jokers are also essentially dead because they will never be exposed. Any tile the dead player may have discarded from their hand is also lost to the game. So while we are gaining an advantage by having more chances at the wall aren’t we losing an advantage not putting the unexposed tiles in play? Wouldn’t it make more sense to put the unexposed tiles of the dead hand back onto the wall?
You bring up a few concepts, hopefully, I will hit the highlights.
Firstly, If a hand is called dead, only the tiles that were exposed remain exposed on the rack.  The tiles in the hand stay there.
The “dead” player should not reveal verbally or physically any tiles that are not exposed.
Secondly, just because we don’t like a rule, doesn’t mean we can change it.
You have no way of knowing what tiles the dead player will discard if they continue to play.  If they know their hand is out of commission,
they probably won’t discard what you need anyway.  You are better off taking your chances with more picks.
If you have a tile to redeem for a Joker that will not be redeemable after their hand is declared dead, yes redeem then declare.
But don’t delay thinking you will be the one to pick the redeemable tile.
Often times the best offense is a good defense.
Hope this Clarifies.
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