Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do the Flower tiles have numbers on them?
    Although in American style MJ the numbers are not used, they are needed if you are playing Chinese style MJ. Each number corresponds to your seat. East is number 1, South – number 2, West is number 3 and North number 4. When playing for points if you have your own flower or season that will give you a point.
  • When can I stop the passing during the Charleston?
    The First Charleston which includes three passes – to the right, across and to the left is compulsory. The Second Charleston – to the left, across and to the right is the optional one. If you want to stop the passing after the First Charleston it is courteous to give notice before doing so but anyone can indeed stop the passing at this point and it only takes one person to do so.
  • What is a blind pass and when can they be used?
    A blind pass occurs when you just do not want to pass a tile from your hand and you choose to pass a tile being passed to you during the Charleston. This is also referred to as “stealing” a tile. You cannot look at it hence the phrase BLIND pass. You can pass or steal 1, 2 or even 3 tiles. Blind passes or stealing can only be done on the last pass of each Charleston i.e. the first left and the last right.
  • Can I call a Joker that has been discarded?
    No. Jokers can never be called even if the discarder calls it same.
  • Can I use a Joker as my pair?
    No. Jokers can not be used in a pair. They can only be used in a group of three or more like tiles.
  • Can I pass a Joker in Charleston?
    No. A Joker is to your advantage and is a wild tile. If you accidently pass one it is hoped that the receiver of such fortune will be honest and return the tile to you.
  • Can I call any discard?
    Only the most recent thrown tile is available to be called. You have only the time to decide until the next player racks their picked tile or calls out their discard. Therefore you must pay close attention. It is always a good habit to place the drawn tile immediately in your rack.
  • Can I call Mahjongg if I am waiting for a pair or a single tile?
    You may call Mahjongg if you are waiting for just one tile anywhere in your hand. The only time you may call a tile for a single or a pair is to complete your hand for Mah Jongg.
  • Who gets the tile discarded if two players want it?
    The player whose turn would be next gets the tile. if however a player calls the tile for MJ and even though they are not next they still get the tile. A MJ wins out at all times.